5 AI Trends to Watch in 2023

5 AI Trends to Watch in 2023

According to Gartner's recent survey, the number of organizations using AI grew 270 percent in the last five years. And 37% of organizations were already leveraging some form of AI in business. As per the predictions so far,  about 80% of IT solutions will be based on AI and ML by 2023. Meaning, the demand for AI engineers will rise continuously. 

The use of AI has significantly increased in the previous year — from 25 percent in 2018 to 37 percent today. The reason behind this big hop is that the capabilities of AI have developed significantly, and organizations are more willing to adopt this technology.

Here are 5 AI trends to watch in 2023:

The Emergence of a Hybrid Workforce  

Post Covid-19 pandemic organizations will hop into the RPA fleeting trend, which means using quicker cognitive AI and RPA to deal with high-volume, repetitive tasks. The pandemic has also led to the foundation of a hybrid workforce. In the coming years, the human workforce will team up with automated bots, which has already started with Alexa, Siri, and more. In short, people will be working along with AI-controlled gadgets and bots. 

Artificial intelligence for Cybersecurity and Data Breaches 

Organizations can begin with AI network safety by using AI in their current security setup. Organizations can use predictive analysis to detect malevolent action, utilize natural language processing for security, and biometric-based login methods. Here, AI can improve the analysis and upgrade the cybersecurity measure of organizations to stay safe from risk. 

Automated AI and the Rise of Data Scientists 

Organizations are moving towards automated AI, permitting even non-specialists to utilize Machine Learning algorithms. Tools like Google Cloud AutoML will turn out to be more prevalent in the future. These tools would help data-driven enterprises empower customization as needed without knowing the complex machine-learning workflow. 

AI to Monitor Business Processes 

Hyper automation and intelligent automation projects help coordinate AI-empowered tools to reorganize how the business performs in real time.  Empowering cognitive automation will require new tools built for the task. 

AI-empowered process and content innovation will give the digital workforce the ability to handle natural language, logic, context, and data-driven experiences. 

AI-enabled Chips Will Rule the World 

AI-powered chips will facilitate tasks requiring AI, for example, facial recognition, object location, natural language processing, and moving a lot quicker than ever before. It will improve all the mobile AI-based services like AI interpretation, photography, virtual assistants, and so on using little power. 

As per the above discussion, we can say that AI will transform the world around us in the coming years. Therefore, the demand for AI engineers will also keep increasing, and learning AI will benefit in the future. You can now learn AI and Machine learning from our top-rated instructors on Pragra. Want to learn AI? Call us now to learn AI from the top instructors! 

5 AI Trends to Watch in 2023