What we do ?

What we do ?

Digital Marketing

Let us do the work for you. Pragra helps in lifting your digital marketing experience by offering you all the digital support you need. We understand your business needs and build exclusive digital strategies that meet your goals.

Adv Campaigns

Our team can help to run the programmatic advertisement to target the right audience for your product/services.


We can help you to boost your search engine ranking by optimizing the site capabilities.


Our branding services help you associate the audience with your brand by defining practices and patterns.


Our digital marketing strategy are designed to provide your brand right channel and audiece.
Digital Marketing

Here is how we can help you business

We are development experts, we can help to ideate, design, Develop complete applications (Awesome front-ends, backend and mobile apps) from scratch .

Team at Pragra is passionate and enthusiastic in converting dreams to the product. You have an idea, we will help to convert your idea to a awesome product. Have existing product, looking a way to improve, we can help to make it work for you.

Envision Product

We can help you envision and create new products for your business/teams. We have been helping start-ups to build their MVPs with minimal budget

Improve Products

We can help to improve your existing product by redesign and redefine them for you customers. We can also enhance and change tech stack to improve the dev cycle

Expand Product

We can help to add new functionality and as well as move to new platforms and use of newer trends like cloud, microservices and devops to save on your operating expenses.

Focus Areas

We love to build all kind of application required by your business, these application help to grow your teams ans business on rapid phase.

Mobile Apps

We love to build mobile apps for iOS and Android. Both Native and Hybrid apps are our speciality, we uses Swift, Kotlin, React Native, Flutter, Iconic and other popular frameworks


Need a WebSite and WebApp, we have been developed loveable web using React, Angular, Vue, Wordpress

Complete Testing Services

360 View of QA Activities

We provide complete set of QA services to ensure high quality of your products, we leverage of modern cutting edge technology to speed and automate the application testing to reduce to time to market and optimizes the cost of qa

Testing Service

Quality Engineering, Focus Areas

QA Ops

Expanding horizons of testers beyond testing. QAOps is a great practice to bring operations, testers, and developer’s altogether .

Script less Automation

Empowering you team by Utilizing Visual modeling, AI technology for Script less automation.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA becoming mainstream despite the domain. Cultivate efficiency by automating day-to-day business processes.

Data InSights

Process data efficiently transforming into relevant insights, validating it against consistency, accuracy, validity, duplication, and completeness.


Enabled Automation and Performance testing as a service. Enabled by cloud and container technologies .

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