5 Secrets to passing the AWS exam

5 Secrets to passing the AWS exam

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the world's most comprehensive cloud systems. Multibillion-dollar corporations such as Apple and Facebook use AWS, as do many small and medium-sized firms. As an IT specialist, you may want to recommend taking an AWS qualification test to help expand your job opportunities.

Usually, those who take these forms of tests have at least a rudimentary understanding of how AWS operates. If you're new to the IT world, your first attempt to take the AWS qualification exam maybe a little more difficult for you than for your fellow test-takers. Do not forget to create your AWS free tier account  to supplement your efforts. That being said, though, you don't need to be an expert when it comes to knowing the fundamental technology that makes up AWS. To get through, you just do need to be as prepared as you can.

Also, do not forget and overlook the importance of accessing free content on the AWS community. We recommend going through AWS whitepapers to get reference materials, technical whitepapers, and reference architecture diagrams to

Here are 5 tips that you can take advantage of to help improve your odds of completing the AWS qualification exam:

1. Practice Using AWS

One of the easiest ways to explore new technologies is to experiment with them. If you can't get a hands-on experience with AWS in your present career, don't sweat it. Amazon helps you to make a free account and can use some of the AWS features at no cost. AWS has released four practice exams to help you get an idea of the questions. you can access these practice tests on-demand through their testing partner Kryterion. For, Associate practice exams there are 20 questions that you have to finish in a 30-minute period. 

As discussed above, if you've signed up as a new AWS user, you can use the AWS Free Tier for 12 months, which should give you plenty of time to see what the site is all about. 

2. Evaluate Certification Paths Before Time

It's not reasonable to expect to absorb all the details you need to hear about AWS in one evening. Instead, AWS preparation courses split down core ideas into manageable bits. Be sure you allow enough time to completely explore the programs, ideas, and hands-on experiences.

There is much to learn about AWS, so you need to start studying well before planning your test. That way, when the exam date approaches, you have enough time to practice without having to cut corners or burden your brain.

3. Create a comprehensive schedule—what are you going to learn and when?

There are some significant reasons for setting a comprehensive timetable when trying to pass the AWS qualification test. First, it would allow you to properly decide how long the preparation phase is going to take. Second, it will make you keep yourself accountable, so you will be able to monitor your success visibly. Finally, it can help you get into the habit of researching at regular intervals.

If you're using your calendar or a course scheduler native to your training platform, you're going to want to set things up in a manageable manner. Make sure you give information on just what concepts you're going to learn and what times. And note to set up reminders so you don't worry about it.

4. Find a research associate to keep you accountable

Much as a gym partner will help you adhere to your fitness routine, the same kind of friendship is beneficial when it comes to training for your AWS qualification test. Start by seeking to locate a research partner in your company who is also looking to take a qualification test—ideally, the same exam as you do. You should also search for a colleague or acquaintance who has already completed the AWS qualification test to give you some useful insight.

If you don't know anyone preparing for the AWS qualification test, there are local meeting-up groups all over the world. Some of them meet in person and others meet virtually. You may also enter research groups and communities through online training platforms. These are some of the easiest places to find people like you with the same goals.

5. Try adapting everything you learn—including Theories

You would likely require both theoretical expertise and practical knowledge to pass the AWS qualification test. If you can understand ideas, but don't incorporate them, so they're not as apt to stick.

It's just half a struggle to understand concepts. When you're on the job, you're going to have to remember how to do it to fix problems. Checking these theories on an existing AWS console allows you to understand and use what you experience in the contemporary world on paper.

Use These Tips to Clear the AWS Certification Test

Passing the AWS qualification test would bring another important weapon to the IT arsenal. Following these five tips will help you improve your odds of getting through the AWS exam for the first time. Make sure you have plenty of time to study and never underestimate the amount of training you're going to need. If you are not confident about giving the exam on the scheduled date, you are always free to reschedule it for a later date. 

Our mentors at Pragra can help you pass the AWS certification exam with flying colors. All you need to get enrolled in the AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate course, cover your Cloud practitioner and AWS CSAA with hands-on projects, quizzes, questionnaires, and exam certification. Lastly, be confident, consistent and keep learning as much as you can. Good luck with your exam! 

5 Secrets to passing the AWS exam