Top 5 Reasons to Learn AWS

Top 5 Reasons to Learn AWS

If we check out the total marketing share of cloud computing and infrastructure then Amazon Web Services (AWS) is leading and will continue to grow in the future. AWS has also collaborated with Nokia for 5G, IoT, and cloud services, it is further standing out and gaining the trust of big companies. Netflix, Netflix, BBC, Facebook are already using Amazon web services ( AWS). From all these data you can interpret that learning AWS is not a poor thought from both a professional and business viewpoint. 

If you are looking to learn AWS and get certified then you need to look at Pragra’s Pragra Courses In this learning way, you will become familiar with the core AWS skills and everything you need to earn AWS certification. 

Why choose an AWS Certification?

AWS Certification is Valuable 

The AWS certification shows employers that you have gone through rigorous training, and are capable of successfully implementing it. As compared to other cloud service providers, AWS offers the most developed and efficient way to certification. This makes it the most valuable in the market as well. Based on the Associate level and the going with study materials, getting certified is an ideal method, to begin with, AWS cloud. The entire preparation methods and study materials help you acquire the skills you need to be a successful AWS developer. 

Secure career

As more and more organizations have started using AWS, we will witness tremendous growth in the AWS field in the coming years. Therefore, learning AWS is a safer career choice for professionals. Whether you want to become a developer, architect, database administrator, or successful career in analytics, AWS is always a good career to choose. AWS certified engineers are even well-paid in every role. 

Learning is easy 

When you resolve to become familiar with the AWS cloud, you'll quickly find that it's no rocket science. To start your journey with AWS and its certifications, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on training or fee. You can simply get started with Pragra’s AWS associate course and get the necessary skills to kick start your career in AWS. Not only this, but the course also provides you with hands-on training and classroom sessions to crack the AWS certification exam.

High in demand 

The rise of cutting-edge innovations, for example, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning are driving a push to cloud innovation. Various organizations now utilize the public cloud. What's more, the number of organizations considering the relocation to a cloud environment is continually expanding. 

The organizations that are migrating their traditional infrastructure to the cloud will need a professional. Meaning, there will be a rise in job demand for cloud engineers as well. Therefore, individuals with expertise in the cloud, especially in AWS will be in demand. 

More job opportunity

According to a recent survey by Indeed job portal, there are six to twelve times more job postings of AWS than job seekers and AWS skills will ensure a six-figure salary . Like we mentioned above, AWS skills are in high demand and will be in demand in near future. For professionals, AWS is a great way to advance their careers as big companies are ready to pay huge salaries. 

At Pragra, we offer AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate and AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional courses. Throughout the course, you will be able to make yourself aware of the necessary skills needed to work within this new landscape of technology. Our course curriculum is designed by industry leaders and covers exactly what you would need to crack the AWS certification exams! 

Top 5 Reasons to Learn AWS