Expand your teamswith Train to Hire (TTH)

With increased cost of hiring experienced Tech Talent is becoming very stressful and less viable, Our Train to hire (TTH) model help to hire professional from our tech skill/fresh graduates, who are custom trained for you and cost you significantly less than a open market talent.

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Talent demand is Agile

It's not just your project which need to be run in agile mode, you also needed talent whenever there is need. Your project can't be stalled on talents unavailability, Hiring a talent from open market may takes several weeks, which will impact your project delivery. Pragra's trained talent bench help you to onboard talent in less than a week, so you can avoid delays in project.

Simple Hiring Process

Eliminate the complex process of resume scruitiny and background checks, We have already taken care of them. All you get is super star

Continuous Skill Upgrade

We believe in continuous skill upgrade will support you business need by doing skill upgrade workshop.


We will work with your technical team to identify and define ideal persona of candidates and skill proficiency level.

Assess & Recruit

Once persona is defined, our tech panel with work with you to define the intake process. Process will involve in technical assement and personal interview to pick right candidates


Upon selection, we will start project based learning bootcamp to ensure the candidate have achieved the procifiency level requirement.


We will share the feedback on every milestone defined in bootcamp and candidates will go to your assement process before final onboarding on project.

Pragra Advantage

Take advantage of our experience in delivering TTH/CTH capabilities.

We have been delivering training and development services in Since 2017 for our customers and replicated the Train 2 Hire success multiple companies including global SI(System Integrators) like Tech Mahindra.

Strong Core Competency

Professionals with excellent IT competency background vetted through our Pragra standards .

Flexible Hiring Model

Able to support your need for Full Time, Contract, Part Time Resources and guaranteed satisfaction .

Meet your specific need

Meet your specific requirement leveraging Pragra best-in-class training.

Project Based Learning

Our junior/fresher professionals are also hands-on with experience on real-life projects .

Higher Retention and Satisfaction

Pragra enables to reshape career by running re-skill bootcamps. which results in higher retention and job satisfaction.

Quick Hiring & Onboarding

Learners are wetted through strick assessment process during the learning, data is shared with prospective employers for informed and quick decision.