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With the growing reliance on technology, supporting development methodologies are also becoming popular quickly. DevOps is the delightful combination of software development and IT operations, and given the demand for both, DevOps is a ripe industry for young professionals to dip their toes into. DevOps professionals ensure that there is no conflict between the development and the operations team, which speeds up the deployment and increases profits. DevOps offers a steady career with a lot of scope for growth. Pragra’s DevOps program is designed to help you master the DevOps tools as well as get a solid footing in the foundational concepts. This program is available online as well as in classroom, and is geared to offer a hands-on education on the culture of DevOps as well as the tools associated with it. Our mentors are industry professionals with years of experience in the technology as well as the market. With a combination of mentor sessions, 1-on-1s, assignment, live projects, and continuous guidance, you are bound to excel at your new career in DevOps. So if DevOps is what you’re looking to expand your skillset into, Pragra is the right choice for you..

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Market Overview

Why devops-engineer is in Demand?

According to the Talent portal - The average pay for a DevOps Engineer is $115,198 a year and above $58 an hour in Canada..

Based on responses from 15,000 international developers and HR professionals, found that 64% of companies hope to hire DevOps Engineers..

Your career path can see you start as a Release Manager, then move up to DevOps Test Engineer, Cloud Engineer, and finally, a DevOps Architect..


Introduction to DevOps

Module will cover the principles of DevOps. The concepts of bridging the gap between software development and operations.

Linux and OS Fundamentals

Module will cover the fundamentals of Linux and other operating systems.

Git & Jenkins

Module will cover the fundamentals of Git and Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployments.

Docker and Containerization

Module will cover the Build, automate, and monitor a server cluster for containers using the Linux.

Kubernetes and Deployments

Module will cover the automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

Ansible and Environment Preparation

Module will start with orchestration and change management fundamentals then move to how Ansible works.

Terraform and Infra Automation

Module will help you to create, manage and maintain resources using Terraform

Monitoring Tools

Module will help you to master the core fundamentals of continuous deployment using Docker.


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Come and join our winter 2023 Batch for DevOps
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What our learners are

What our customers are saying


Good place to learn new technologies. Vivek and Atin are very professional. They looked at my profile and asked about my career aspirations.After a discussion, Vivek suggested me their DevOps tools program.They didn't try to oversell, thats what i liked about them. After course completion ,they made me work on a live project, helped me to prepare my resume and applying for jobs. I highly recommend Pragra.

Arun Kumar

DevOps Engineer

Meet your mentors

We choose our mentors from global market leaders with a rigorous selection process. Our mentors keep you motivated and on track. And they ensure your success.

  • Bobby

    DevOps Engineer

  • Hiren

    Front End Architect

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Financial Add

Pragra Scholarships

Limited number of scholarship are available for eligible students, please contact program co-ordinator for details.

Pragra Loans

For eligible learners, loans could cover 60% of fee. Repayment starts asap candidate start the job or 6 month after the completion, whichever is earlier.

Windmill Microlending

Windmill Microlending offers affordable loans up to $15,000 to help skilled immigrants cover the costs of training, education and licensing requirements needed to launch their careers in Canada.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our career counselling team team.

What are pre-requisites to become a DevOps Engineer?
Candidate should have post-secondry education and willing to learn a bit of programming language and dedication to get things done.
How i will get an internship after DevOps Tools training?
Pragra is not only a training company, we also do the consulting for our multiple clients. We ensure our students get enough hands-on experience with multiple projects so that you can implement your learnings and ready for the project based interviews
How to prepare for DevOps jobs Interview?
We have a very deep understanding of how this process of hiring typically works at a very contemporary version of it. Right from preparing the resume, a resume that will pass the human test, and shortlist the resume, plus a resume that will be selected.
Does Pragra help with job placements?
The answer to this question is a big YES. It’s a very central question to our philosophy and as I said, for Pragra there’s only one definition of success and that is ‘Your success is our success’, once you get a job, that’s a successful event for Pragra.
How much salary will a Fresher DevOps Engineer get in Canada?
The average DevOps Engineer salary in Canada is $110,000 per year or $75.54 per hour. Entry level positions start at $90,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to $180,000 per year