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QA Automation is a rapidly developing field for testing professionals. With the growing use of DevOps in the field, QA becomes an essential role even with the help of automated tools. Within the IT industry, continuous testing is being introduced into the development cycle for faster deployments. Which means that the demand for QA professionals is increasing more than ever. This course is result oriented and helps you build the right skills to kickstart your automation career without any prerequisites. We find that candidates with a strong foundation in technical knowledge fo the subject matter tend to have more successful and better paying careers

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Market Overview

Why QA is in Demand?

An Automation Developer in Mississauga makes on average $103,078 per year, or $8,211 (7%) less than the national average salary of $111,289...

There is certainly depth to the test automation career path, with plenty of room for growth and are the right pick for most companies.

As per current stats on Linkedin and Indeed, there are ample opprtunities available in market for Automation Developers and SDETs roles...


OS Fundamentals

Learn the Fundamentals of OS like UNix, Linux and .

Manual Testing & Advance Concepts

Develop an understanding of software testing and advanced concepts for Manual Testing.

Foundation of Core Java Programming

Make your first Java program using various tools and get your machine ready.

Web Services - SOAP & REST

This will introduces the MVC based applications, testing of RESTful services and API testing using Postman.

DevOps Concepts & Implementation

Get the compatibilty of Modern Era by learning DevOps Tools like Git, Jenkins and Selenium Integration.

AWS & Cloud Services

Get familiarity with Cloud Based environments and how its revolutionizing the quality assurance domain.

SQL & NOSQL Databased

Learn the backend and database testing with SQL and NOSQL databases using tools like DBeaver and Toad.

Mobile Testing

Explore the mobile testing area using Appium and automation of native/hybrid apps.


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My training experience at Pragra has been excellent. The teachers are true professionals and have years of industry experience. They strive to clear every small doubt and connect the classroom teachings with practical examples which really helps understand the concepts thoroughly. The knowledge gained while working on small projects builds up the confidence to face job interviews. I owe my success at finding a job after the course to the teaching structure at Pragra...

Navdeep Kaur

Automation Developer

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For eligible learners, loans could cover 60% of fee. Repayment starts asap candidate start the job or 6 month after the completion, whichever is earlier.

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Windmill Microlending offers affordable loans up to $15,000 to help skilled immigrants cover the costs of training, education and licensing requirements needed to launch their careers in Canada.

Frequently asked questions

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What are pre-requisites to become a QA Automation Developer?
Candidate should have post-secondry education and willing to learn a bit of programming language and dedication to get things done.
How i will get an intership after QA training?
How to prepare for Automation Developer Interview?
Does Pragra help with job placements?
The answer to this question is a big YES. It’s a very central question to our philosophy and as I said, for Pragra there’s only one definition of success and that is ‘Your success is our success’, once you get a job, that’s a successful event for Pragra.
How much salary will a Fresher Automation Developer get in Canada?
The average Automation Developer salary in Canada is $100,000 per year or $65.54 per hour. Entry level positions start at $75,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to $120,000 per year