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Salesforce Admin Certification

Since its beginning, Salesforce has managed to remain relevant. With the rise of remote labour, more businesses are turning to digital selling to stay afloat. Salesforce is being used more frequently to assist the remote sales team. This Pragra certification course is designed for experienced Salesforce Administrators who have mastered the use of advanced Salesforce features and functionality to handle a variety of business problems. Where you can blend Salesforce knowledge with Business Analysis concepts and target market as Salesforce BA. You can Continue learning Salesforce Cloud Consultant..

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Market Overview

Why Salesforce is in Demand?

Salesforce was 3rd most in-demand technology skill in 2018 and you can follow the path of SF developer to SF Architect.

As per Salesforce 4.2M jobs will be created in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2024.

Salesforce was 3rd most in-demand technology skill in 2018 and you can follow the path of SF developer to SF Architect ..


Salesforce Fundamentals

Org, Sandbox, Web Components, Package Installation, Salesforce apps, App Exchange, Sub domain, MFT, Object, Fields, Records, Customization etc

Salesforce Permissions & Salesforce Object Relationships

Permission sets, Permission groups, User Groups

Introduction on App Builder

Building new mobile/desktop app, edit/managing existing ones

Introduction of Service Cloud

Automated Case Management etc.

Data import and Export in Salesforce

Data loader, Import and Export wizard etc.

User Management & Data Security

What are Salesforce Users, Add/ Remove/ Reset / Freeze users. Level of access in Salesforce, Profiles, Users, Roles etc.

Lightning Experience

Org navigation, edit page layouts and objects etc.

Introduction of Sales Cloud

Understanding concepts of Salesforce sales solution like leads, opportunities, accounts contacts etc.

Introduction of Marketing Cloud

Campaigns and email marketing etc.

Reports and Dashboards & Salesforce Automations

Process Builder, Flows, Approvals


Register By 21-May-2023
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Register By 21-May-2023
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I attended Salesforce at Pragra. My experience has been incredible. Pragra not only provides quality training and good value but it also provides the whole support system which keeps students motivated while searching for jobs. All trainers are very approachable and supportive. Even after completion of the training, he guided me for Certification and Interviews. His guidance and support kept me motivated during my job search. He made sure to answer each and every query within no time...


SalesForce Admin

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For eligible learners, loans could cover 60% of fee. Repayment starts asap candidate start the job or 6 month after the completion, whichever is earlier.

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Frequently asked questions

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What are pre-requisites to learn Salesforce?
Candidate should have post-secondry education and willing to learn the Salesforce and dedication to get things done.
How i get the SF Admin Certification?
We will prepare you and then you will sit for an exam. You must earn a passing score via a proctored exam to secure a Salesforce Certification. After receiving a passing score, you will get your certification. .
How to prepare for Salesforce jobs?
A resume that will pass the human test and bypass and clear the bot that is installed in the application tracking software that your recruiter is using. Having the right social presence with your GitHub profile with your LinkedIn profile..
Does Pragra help with job placements?
For Pragra there's just one meaning of progress and that is 'Your prosperity is our prosperity', when you find a new line of work, that is a fruitful occasion for Pragra. You're given sufficient practice regarding mock meetings, peer interviews.
How do i register and prepare for exam for Salesforce Certification?
We will help you to prepare for the certification in our office and we will provide you sample questions as well. You will book your exam online with the help of you mentor. Note : Certification cost is not included in the cost of the training.